Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Still No Statement From Former Batley & Spen MP Elizabeth Peacock On Murder of Jo Cox MP

Former MP Elizabeth Peacock - recent comments on other issues
We think that it would be appropriate for Elizabeth Peacock, the former Conservative MP for Batley and Spen to have publicly condemned the murder of Jo Cox MP.

In a parliamentary democracy we think it is the CIVIC DUTY of a former MP of the same constituency to make it clear that they condemn the murder of a democratically-elected MP. 

Throughout her career Elizabeth Peacock made it very clear that she believed in the sanctity of human life expressed through her anti-abortion work and links to SPUC (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.).

We are puzzled as to why it is that the murder of an MP doesn't seem to be similarly treated as a moral democratic issue by Elizabeth Peacock - she has made recent comments on other issues by writing articles in the Yorkshire Post so clearly she is available for comment. 

While there is silence on the murder of Jo Cox MP anti-abortionists continue their attempts to intimidate women Labour MPs,  the BBC reports today:   

 MPs who support pro-choice say anti-abortion protesters have draped graphic images of dismembered foetuses outside their offices.  Labour MP Paula Sherriff described the behaviour of some anti-abortion groups as "reprehensible". MPs told of the abuse during a parliamentary debate on protests around family planning clinics on Tuesday.

Ms Sheriff added: "Some of these anti-choice protesters have actually taken now to protesting outside MPs offices and bringing very distressing images and are handing out leaflets and such other very alarming literature."

Fellow Labour MP Rupa Huq, who has spoken out against anti-abortion protesters in her own constituency, said a group called Abort 67 had targeted her office in the past. She said the group "unfolded huge graphic images of dismembered foetuses" outside her office.  An Abort 67 spokesman said: "We can assure Ealing council and Ms Huq that if they are successful in their campaign and remove the current pro-life groups from Mattock Lane, they will be getting us on their high streets in a very, very big way.

Former Batley and Spen MP Elizabeth Peacock should have publicly condemned the murder of Jo Cox MP to defend parliamentary democracy.

BBC report of anti-abortionist activity targetting women Labour MPs

Elizabeth Peacock - a "noted" anti-abortion campaigner

(telegraph and argus photo above)

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