Friday, 10 November 2017

Havering Witness Supports WHITE POPPY Rememberance

Tories DO NOT own the war dead (Independent Photo)
The Havering Witness wants to remember ALL victims of war this Rememberance Sunday so we have no option but to support WHITE POPPY REMEMBERANCE.

As many locals in Havering will tell you the British Legion is very far from a politically neutral organisation with many of their members openly supporting Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell throughout the year.

There have been many occasions in Havering in which members of other political parties have been abused at Rememberance Sunday services - on some occasions representatives of other political parties have been told they aren't welcome at the ceremony because they haven't been "invited by the mayor".

Tories should keep away from OUR family history
"My great-grandfather is not a poltical tool of yours, you disgusting man !" were the wise words of a local to a known Conservative Party supporting member of the Royal Air Force Asssociation.

Many millions of Labour Party and Liberal Party supporting armed forces personnel and civilians have been killed in wars and are entitled to respect and NOT the disgusting conduct of some members of the Royalist Conservative Party and their political friends in the Royal British Legion and other closely-associated Royal military organisations.

The Royal Conservative British Establishment DO NOT OWN those who have been killed in war

Over the past few weeks television interviews and press articles have revealed how members of the Royal Conservative British Establishment regard ALL war dead as a political tool of theirs to use as they wish. We can assure them that many ordinary British citizens are NOT prepared to accept having their relatives used in this way to protect the priviledge and wealth of the establishment. 
White Poppy - frequent questions answered

ITV attack White Poppy Rememberance

Politicised "public servant" Army Officer Richard Kemp ATTACKS White Poppy Rememberance

By their own words The British Legion admits that the RED POPPY is a means of raising money from the public (instead of the British Establishment paying for service personnel welfare)

Record sales of White Poppies - Guardian reports

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