Saturday, 28 October 2017

Elizabeth Peacock Former Tory MP For Batley and Spen Should Have Publicly Condemned The Murder Of Jo Cox MP

We think you should have publicly condemned the murder
In national and local politics we often hear tories say that certain issues are above party politics - is this a genuine principle or just a tactic we are beginning to wonder

We think that the murder of an MP should have been clearly condemned by all prominent political figures in Batley and Spen. The reality of CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY and just plain DECENCY seems more variable in practise. As a prominent former MP for Batley and Spen Elzabeth Peacock should have publicly condemned the murder of Jo Cox the democratically-elected Labour MP for the same constituency.

We have found two occasions in 2015 and 2016 where Elizabeth Peacock did take the trouble to comment on an issue, both as articles in the Yorkshire Post, so it would seem that Elizabeth Peacock is available for comment.  Jo Cox MP was murdered on 16th June 2016 but we cannot find any national or local press reference where Elizabeth Peacock as a former MP condemns the murderer and his political affiliations.

In addition we cannot find any comment from Elizabeth Peacock condemning the disgusting comments of fellow Conservative Dominic Peacock of East Riding Council.

Former Batley and Spen MP Elizabeth Peacock Speaks Up In March 2016 On David Cameron and the EU - Yorkshire Post 

Elizabeth Peacock speaks up in 2015 on Coal - Yorkshire Post

Elizabeth Peacock should have publicly condemned the murder of Jo Cox MP

Disgusting comments of Dominic Peacock (Conservative councillor, East Riding)

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