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"Cost Of Doing Nothing" Paper Started By Tom Tugendhat MP And Jo Cox MP

Response to "Labour's War" ? (independent)
The "Cost Of Doing Nothing" paper was co-written by Jo Cox MP and TomTugendhat MP.  Jo Cox MP was murdered in June 2016.  The paper was due for publication in July 2016 as a response to the delayed Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War.  Tom Tugendhat MP is chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

(Our Romford MP Andrew Rosindell is also a member of that committee. Mr Rosindell has also been elected a member of the Panel of Chairs Committee after being nominated by the speaker of the House of Commons on 22.6.2017.)

In June 2016, a month prior to the planned publication of the "Cost Of Doung Nothing" paper, Jo Cox MP was murdered by far-right extremist Thomas Alexander Mair in an "act of terror".  

From Policy Exchange article (see below): 

Tom Tugendhat MP speaking in parliament
"The paper, The Cost of Doing Nothing, was initially due to be published by MPs Jo Cox (a former humanitarian worker) and Tom Tugendhat (a former soldier) in July to coincide with the delayed Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war. However, Jo’s murder on 16th June led to the paper being put on hold. With the consent of Jo’s husband, Brendan Cox, Policy Exchange has today (26.1.17) released the full report, with McGovern completing the work of her close friend and colleague."

Brendan Cox, Jo’s husband, said:  “Jo was passionate about this piece of work. She felt deeply that the UK had a duty to stand up for civilians threatened by war and genocide. Her commitment wasn’t theoretical, it was forged by her experience of meeting survivors of genocide in Kosovo, Bosnia, Rwanda and Sudan. Last week I was clearing some of Jo’s things and found the first draft of the report that she had scribbled all over. At the top she had written ‘Britain must lead again’. Although she isn’t here to advance that argument, she’d be delighted that her colleagues and friends are able to do so in her stead.”

Tom Tugendhat, MP for Tonbridge and Malling, said:
“Britain has never been isolationist. It is in our national interest to be engaged with the world we helped shape. That means taking responsibility, and influencing events and intervening when necessary. To stand aside would not make us or the world safer, but leave us vulnerable to the whims of others rather than doing what we have always done – shape our own destiny and be a force for good.”

Policy Exchange Report "Cost Of Doing Nothing" co-initiated by murdered Labour MP Jo Cox

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