Friday, 22 September 2017

The Queen Weeps For Her Yacht And An MP Is Murdered ?

Brave Jo Cox MP killed in a BREXIT "act of terror"
A number of political bloggers and campaigns have independently highlighted a link between the killer of brave Jo Cox MP and a number of far-right BREXIT-supporting groups. These groups are in turn linked to Nigel Farage MEP, Unionist groups in Northern Ireland and other far-right BREXIT groups. The anti-EU lobby is dominated by a core of white monarchist and nationalist groups as indicated by the writers of the linked articles listed at the bottom of this article.     

The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell is not mentioned in the linked articles below but even the  most cursory look at Rosindell's interests and memberships show a clear commonality of political purpose with Nigel Farage MEP and his political affiliations.  DEBRETTS lists Andrew Rosindell's interests as including membership / consultancy in groups such as the British-American Parliamentary Group, Flag and Heraldry group, Queen's Diamond Jubilee committee, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Relief Fund, Constitutional Monarchy Association, Flag Institute, Royal Society of St. George, British Irish Parliamentary Assembly, Freedom Association and British Monarchy Society.

In 1997 the Royal Yacht Brittania was retired from service, the Queen is reported to have "wept" at the Royal Yacht being taken out of service. The Royal Yacht is now permanently berthed in Edinburgh as a tourst attraction. 

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