Friday, 9 June 2017

Corbyn's Labour Party Win Over 40% Of Voters !

40 % Vote Share - A Truly Historic Achievement
Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party has achieved a massive 40% vote share in the 2017 general election. Nobody gave him a chance, the press have ridiculed him for months and months, but once again he has fought off the intense vitriol directed at him and achieved a truly remarkable result.

A 40% vote share for a pro-nationalisation left-wing Labour leader that attracted such sustained hatred from the tory press barons is a historic achievement. For what its worth, the Havering Witness is deeply  impressed with Mr Corbyn's resilience and deep belief in his principles. 

Poor campaign, poor leader, future uncertain
In contrast, having endured weeks of big talk from the Conservative Party about "tory landslides" and "getting a big BREXIT mandate" for the "important job ahead" we have ended with a hung parliament.  Tory leader Theresa May needed the DUP to form a coalition government with a small overall majority.  The big-talking wealthy Conservative Party received a 42.4 % vote share - just 2.4% more than Jeremy Corbyn - a politician the Conservatives have spent years laughing at !

We have collected some vote share figures (see below) from previous general elections. Even Margaret Thatcher in her "golden years" only achieved 2 % more than Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party. As the figures below show Jeremy Corbyn has matched or beaten the winning vote share in the previous FOUR GENERAL ELECTIONS !

1979  Margaret Thatcher 43.9%
1983  Margaret Thatcher 42.4%
1987  Margaret Thatcher 42.2%
1992  John Major 41.9%
1997  Tony Blair 43.2%
2001  Tony Blair 40.7%
2005  Tony Blair 35.2%
2010  David Cameron 36.1%
2015  David Cameron 36.9%

 Vote share reference figures - UK political info

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