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The Royal Suppression Of Liberation Theology

We believe that morality has its best and fairest chance of success when built on a secular foundation through law and citizenship rather than religious belief.  We are of the view that eternal disputes over religious texts and their translation and interpretation provides no basis at all for moral decisions about people's lives. The imprecision of religious morality is just one of the many reasons we believe that the Roman Catholic stance on abortion and contraception is wrong.  However it is interesting to note that the global Roman Catholic Church is not always united in its views - there is a very interesting example of this called Liberation Theology.

"Liberation Theology states that God speaks particularly through the poor and that the Bible can be understood only when seen through the eyes of the poor." (1)

"Faith" and social control  ? (image by
Our campaign, despite the seriousness of the issues involved, has not received ANY support at all from the British church community, police or political parties - ALL three claim moral authority based on christan principles.  The establishment message of the Bible in Havering, as elsewhere in the "UK", is that lower income white people don't matter they are only workers or "cannon fodder" soldiers to be done with as the establishment sees fit. The Royal Conservative view is hence VERY much opposed to the emphasis on the poor of society that Liberation Theology espouses. 

"Liberation theology perceives that the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America is fundamentally different from the church in Europe - that the church in Latin America was a church for and of the poor." (1)

Recognition of faith by the wealthy (image from entrepreneur)
We know from our own experience that the apparent "anchors" and "foundations" of a society are in fact as flexible as the establishment wants them to be.  The families that together constitute the British Establishment have arrived at a view of Christianity that is totally alien to Liberation Theology.  The Royal and Conservative Party society we live in wants Christianity to emphasize obedience and forgiveness and not justice. Their aim is to keep anger about social conditions to a absolute minimum by heavily stressing behaviourial constraints in the recognition of having faith. They are saying that you cannot be a Christian AND be angry, the two are mutually exclusive, what incredible idiots they must think we are to accept such conceited rubbish. 

"The Liberation Theology movement's seminal text, Teologia de la Liberation (1971: A Theology of Liberation) was written by Gustavo Gutierrez, a Peruvian priest. Other leaders were Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero of El Salvador (killed in 1980), Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff, Jesuit Scholar Jon Sobrino and Archbishop Helder Camara of Brazil." (1) 

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In the "UK" the head of the church is none other than the British monarch Queen Elizabeth II who is fervemtly supported by Royalist Conservatives such as our own MP Andrew Rosindell. Mr Rosindell has been criticised for having a disproportionate interest in the royal family and foreign affairs and only being responsive to carefully selected constituents. There is anger about Mr Rosindell's perceived "sabre-rattling" on foreign policy issues whilst domestic issues such as the huge wealth divide, the NHS crisis, the social care crisis, the housing crisis and growing education inequalities seem to be dismissed by him as being of much less importance.  

"By the 1990s the Vatican, under Pope John Paul II, had begun trying to curb the Liberation Theology movement's influence by appointing more conservative prelates in Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America." (1)

It is clear to us then that religion as practised in the "UK" is just another means of social control and not a basis for action against poor social conditions and injustice that it can be as in the Liberation Theology of the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America.


(1) Encyclopedia Britannica 2010 Ultimate Edition (CD Rom) ISBN 978-1-84326-484-2


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