Friday, 24 March 2017

BREXIT REALITY - Conservative Party Panders To Indians

What will BREXIT really mean for ordinary people ? Did Romford MP Andrew Rosindell ever tell us about the Asian trade deals that BREXIT would mean ?  According to a Politico report BREXIT will mean yet more pandering to Asians by the Conservative Party.

Jobs  That The  Working Class are allowed to do (express) 
Asians have been invited to the UK by the Conservative Party for decades they have been allowed to train as doctors, dentists, barristers, pharmacists, solcitors and just about every thing else possible MAKING BILLIONS AND BLOCKING BRITISH WORKING CLASS opportunity in the professions.

 Asians have taken millions of jobs, council houses, school places, private properties, benefits and social security payments and have been a constant source of friction to ordinary working class people.  Asians have made BILLIONS out of the British taxpayer and now because of BREXIT they are set  to make even more !  Politico reports:

India and BREXIT TRADE DEALS  (moneytalk))
"Indian business leaders have said access for more people to work in Britain will be a ‘key demand’ in trade talks."  

"Indian business people entering the U.K. will now benefit from the ‘registered traveller scheme,’ removing the need to fill in a landing card on each visit and allowing access to fast-track e-passport gates. The reform, which Downing Street said it wanted to implement “as quickly as possible” would put Indian business travelers in the same category as those from the U.S., Japan, Australia and six other countries."

"The Indian government will also be able to nominate what Downing Street called “high net worth individuals” for access to the U.K.’s premium visa and immigration service — dubbed the Great Club."

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