Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Asian-Led Locum Doctors Assocation Defends Huge NHS Payouts

Thomas Moore, Health Correspondent for Sky News reveals the jaw-dropping huge payments made to Locum doctors by NHS Trust managers from public funds.  

Agency Doctors "Rip Off" NHS (Huffington Post photo)
Sky News reports:   Of 61 hospital trusts able to supply data, 56 exceeded the average hourly pay cap of £76.10.  At 10 trusts the average hourly rate was more than twice the cap.  And at Great Ormond Street in London the average hourly rate was £225 - more than three times the maximum amount set by the NHS.  Some agency doctors are earning huge sums from the unbridled pay rates - one doctor at Colchester Hospital raked in £128,790 in just three months !  However, the Locum Doctors Association (LDA) said the capped pay rate is not enough to pay for medical insurance and other professional fees that run to thousands of pounds. LDA chair Shehnaz Somjee said: "They could have five to six job offers in a day and they'll choose the best. "They don't have to work if they don't want to because it's a loss to work at the capped rate. "It's not the locum's fault. If (the NHS) wants to maintain the same system then tough. "Patients will either suffer or they'll have to pay more." 

 List of union officals is from the LDA web-site - as you see ALL of the association officials are asian:  Chairperson Miss Shehnaz Somjee, Hon.Secretary Dr Sadiq Hasan, Hon. Treasurer Dr Shashi Vaidya, Deputy Secretary Dr Shreedar Vaidya, Public Relations and Recruitment Dr Sheshadri Reddy and Mr Tajammud Hasan.

 Sky News report on Very High Locum Doctor Payments 

Locum Doctors Association Web-site - ALL officials are ASIAN

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