Saturday, 23 September 2017

Is British Justice A Masonic Club ?

The murder of Labour MP Jo Cox and widespread consideration of the deeper motives behind BREXIT has caused a largely quiet section of the British public to wonder whether there is any genuine high-level public service in this country at all.  The impressive work of the REBECCA investigative web-site and other works such as THE BROTHERHOOD show that these public concerns already have a well-established history - worries about corruption at the very highest levels of British society have a long history - as long as the monarchy itself.   

Jo Cox MP - Pembroke College graduate
In the Brothers in Silk article (see link below) a Cardiff barrister, Roger Everest, describes how two colleagues of his were made QC's (Queens Counsel) because of their masonic lodge membership.  Roger Everest in contrast was never made a QC and he claims that this is due to him refusing to join the welsh masonic lodge Dinas Llandaf (lodge number 8512). He took his case to the European court Of Human Rights but they refused to consider it. 

(from Brothers in Silk)  "In 1984 Gerald Elias was made a Queen’s Counsel .. being a QC opens the way for a barrister to become a judge and with it the eventual possibility of a knighthood.. . Roger Everest couldn’t help noticing that there was a masonic connection in Elias’ appointment. Gerard Elias QC has a brother Sir Patrick Elias QC, former fellow of Pembroke College and was appointed to the Queen's Privy Council.

Brothers in Silk edited by Paddy French, REBECCA

The REBECCA web-site of Paddy French (The Rebecca Riots took place in Wales against the Turnpike Trusts)       

Friday, 22 September 2017

The Queen Weeps For Her Yacht And An MP Is Murdered ?

Brave Jo Cox MP killed in a BREXIT "act of terror"
A number of political bloggers and campaigns have independently highlighted a link between the killer of brave Jo Cox MP and a number of far-right BREXIT-supporting groups. These groups are in turn linked to Nigel Farage MEP, Unionist groups in Northern Ireland and other far-right BREXIT groups. The anti-EU lobby is dominated by a core of white monarchist and nationalist groups as indicated by the writers of the linked articles listed at the bottom of this article.     

The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell is not mentioned in the linked articles below but even the  most cursory look at Rosindell's interests and memberships show a clear commonality of political purpose with Nigel Farage MEP and his political affiliations.  DEBRETTS lists Andrew Rosindell's interests as including membership / consultancy in groups such as the British-American Parliamentary Group, Flag and Heraldry group, Queen's Diamond Jubilee committee, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Relief Fund, Constitutional Monarchy Association, Flag Institute, Royal Society of St. George, British Irish Parliamentary Assembly, Freedom Association and British Monarchy Society.

In 1997 the Royal Yacht Brittania was retired from service, the Queen is reported to have "wept" at the Royal Yacht being taken out of service. The Royal Yacht is now permanently berthed in Edinburgh as a tourst attraction. 

Pride's Purge Blog

Black Triangle Campaign Blog

World Socialist Web-Site

Democracy and Class Struggle Site

Telelgarph reports on how the Queen "wept" for her retired yacht.

Two days before the murder of Jo Cox MP

The Statecraft Conjecture

Holy Week 2017 - We remember Jo Cox MP

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Tory "Rent Economy" Driven By Housing Benefit

Report warns of the tory rent economy heavily dependent on benefits
Supporters of Tory MP Andrew Rosindell are only too keen to call the benefit system a place for "leeches" and "scroungers" but a new report suggests that the REAL LEECHES ARE LANDLORDS NOT TENANTS.
A damning report by the National Housing Federation indicates the strong possibility of TORY BENEFIT LEECHES amongst Mr Rosindell's network of smug "I've already made it" supporters who "earn" their living from property rents. The report highlights the DEPENDENCY OF LANDLORDS ON BENEFITS and the HIGH COST TO THE TAXPAYER.
 The Big Issue reports:  "A study, carried out by the National Housing Federation, claims that the amount of money spent on building new social homes has fallen by such a large degree that taxpayers are spending more than ever on housing benefit to support people in costly rental properties.

This has led to spending on housing benefit to rise from £16.6bn 20 years ago to 25.1bn, according to the federation.

The cost of housing someone in the private rented sector estimated to add an extra £21-a-week to the bill, the amount of housing benefit going to private landlords has almost doubled in the last decade to a total of £9.1bn in 2015/16.

It is also insisted that the nation’s commitment to building homes has fallen from £11.4bn in 2009 to 5.3bn in 2015 – a drop from 0.7 per cent of total GDP to just 0.2% – with more than one million families still on housing waiting lists."

BIG ISSUE reports on government response to NHF report

BBC on damning National Housing Federation report

Friday, 15 September 2017

NHS Priorities Scandal - ME Research Cost Millions But Still Can't Decide On Name.

( image)
The National ME Centre is based in the London Borough of Havering - what have we done wrong ? According to many hundreds of thousands of dedicated NHS employees our health service is struggling to meet standards with many reports of crises in Accident & Emergency departments across the UK. As winter approaches there are now renewed warnings of the NHS being seriously overstretched and the social care system simply not being fit for purpose.

While these very serious and concerning issues have had people raging in front-line NHS services a very different NHS-funded project has been quietly proceeding without the critical scutiny it should have in a time of austerity.  After decades of research and millions of pounds spent the ME / CFS "movement" still can't decide whether they have the right name for the disease they have been researching.  (see "Name Change Committee" report link below)

Quackery in the NHS ?
The current "treatment plan" for ME / CFS reads more like a noticeboard in a leisure centre than a focussed scientific method. The NHS choices site lists "options" as behaviour therapy, exercise, diet control, pain relief and sufficient sleep - am I alone in thinking that this is just general patient welfare dressed up as a disease-specific treatment plan.  "Quacks" or incompetent people posing as doctors have dressed-up general patient welfare as "treatments" for centuries - why isn't the NHS quality management system bearing down on this ? It should be completely unacceptable for such a dubious project to receive any special funding at all when front-line services are so clearly struggling with many many local people telling us of their experiences.

Still deciding on a name after 30 years of NHS expenditure ? We think that ME / CFS spending should be stopped immediately, the current ME patients advised by their GPs only, and a public inquiry into the total expenditure on people and facilities used to be started immediately.

 The "Name Change Committee" Reports on progress - Still working on a name !

The ME / CFS wasteful controversy in times of austerity

The ME Story - From Royal Free Disease to Name Change Committee

NHS in Crisis

Havering gets controversial National ME Centre - why ?

"Treatment options" for ME/ CFS 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

BREXIT BOZO's and our young people.

Life opportunities denied ( photo)
Local BREXIT BOZO's that support royalist anti-EU politician Andrew Rosindell MP are mostly older white people who don't really care about life opportunities for young people. Young voters wanted to stay in the EU in large numbers.

Concern for others and "public service" is the BIG LIE of the British royal establishment - they are only really interested in themselves and NOT the genuine national interest for all our people. The royal family and their BREXIT BOZO supporters are constantly in the public eye claiming to be concerned with young people and opportunity but when they vote it is for themselves, that is how they always vote and always will.  Our young people will never see the things that the older white tory BREXIT BOZO take for granted, many of today's young people will never be able to afford a property of their own and many will struggle to find their basic cost of living. The BREXIT BOZO in stark contrast to the future they have created for the young are busy wondering how to spend their big fat pensions. 

We think that young people and industry are right - BREXIT BOZO's and their constant demented flag-waving DO NOT represent the best national interest for all our people -  instead of sensible EU membership the flag-waving BREXIT BOZO's will ultimately reduce jobs and life opportunities generally.  It is a national disgrace that our young people should have to tolerate the malicious wishes of the old white male-dominated golf clubs and their like.

The sooner this country gets rid of the monarchy and its NASTY NETWORK of supporters in clubs and associations across the county the sooner genuine national interest will be served.  For young people reading our site please be assured that their are people who are concerned about your future but you won't fnd them in the BREXIT BOZO royalist Conservative Party of Andrew Rosindell MP.

The Royal old whites and their nasty BLUE BREXIT 

Jeremy Corbyn wins over 40% national vote share !

The Tory attack on genuine public service

Friday, 8 September 2017

Lament To Malala

One child, one teacher, one pen can change the world
Malala Yousafzai, the young pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for opposing their total ban on education for girls is to be an undergraduate at the University of Oxford.

Malala will study Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) and has been accepted to Lady Margaret Hall college.  Lady Margaret Hall was the first Oxford college to admit women undergraduates.

Malala ! You don't need a bunch of Oxford toffs you simply need to become a teacher !

We would like to congratulate Malala on her A-level success but we are concerned that the turgid language of the Oxbridge set will dampen her raw energy and passion for education and women's rights.Malala you don't need upper-class British drips to tell you how the world is - you have played an important part in telling us, the British public, how things really were in Pakistan ! 

The Oxbridge set were drinking Pimms, punting and dressing themselves up while you were making a stand for the education of girls in a war zone ! 

Malala ! Become a teacher and a Labour MP  !

Malala ! We think you have been ill-advised to study at Oxford (or Cambridge) we think you should have built on your well known Birmingham identity and studied education at a nearby University. You should use your own deep passion for learning and work as a teacher in the Birmingham area as you build over a number of years to become a prospective parliamentary candidate for the Labour Party in the midlands.  We fear that Oxford won't suit you and will only dampen the raw passion of your life experiences into something that benefits the Oxbridge set and not you or the people you really want to help !  We want the real Malala not a "reigned-in" Oxbridge version. 

Malala's Story

BBC Profile of Malala

Telegraph reports on Oxbridge friend Malala

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Britain Accelerating Towards A Secular Society

( photo)

The latest British Social Attitudes Survey reveals an acceleration towards a secular society with over 50% declaring no religious faith.

The Guardian reports : Roger Harding, of the National Centre for Social Research which publishes the survey, said the latest figures followed “the long-term trend of more and more of us not being religious”.  He added: “The differences by age are stark and, with so many younger people not having a religion, it’s hard to see this change abating any time soon. The falls in those belonging to the Church of England are the most notable, but these figures should cause all religious leaders to pause for thought.”

What is the moral authority of the crown ?

( image)
Humanists UK said the figures raised fresh questions about the place of churches in running state schools and their other privileges. “How can it be right that 97% of young people today are not Anglicans, but some 20% of the state schools to which their children will go belong to the C of E? More generally, how can the Church of England remain in any meaningful sense the national legally established church, when it caters for such a small portion of the population?” said Andrew Copson, Humanists UK’s chief executive.

Terry Sanderson, president of the National Secular Society, said: “These statistics indicate that the time has come for this country to have a serious debate about the place of religion in our society.”

The BSA data called into question the existence of faith schools and reserved seats for bishops in the House of Lords, he added.

The future is secular and that means genuine justice will not have to fight against the false morality of the royalist Church of England. The "moral" outer wall of the royalist castle, namely the Church of England, looks breached and ready for a sustained justice campaign.

Guardian reports on BSA survey

The Royal British Cricket Religion

Jesus would vote Labour

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Arsene Wenger Admits He Nearly Quit Arsenal

Wenger admits he nearly quit in May (BBC photo)
"Arsenal are in crisis" said former Arsenal player and BBC TV pundit Martin Keown and now embattled Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted to the Evening Standard that he nearly quit and still has doubts about his future as Arsenal manager.  With an increasing number of Arsenal fans demanding change at the club we could see a change of manager and a Russian owner. Wenger quitting may well be the change needed to kick out arsenal's current lacklustre owner Stan Kroenke - Billionaire Russian Alisher Usmanov is ready and waiting to take over. Usmanov has already made generous bids for the club and the Arsenal fans clearly sense that Usmanov is the best chance for the club achieving the premiership title and other competition success too.   Arsenal currently look a long way away from a club that might realistically do a league and cup double unlike their main competitors.

Arsenal fans want new leadership for the club

Fans Want A Change of Owner Too ! Kroenke Out ! (Sky photo)
The Guardian reports on Arsenal owner "Silent Stan" Kroenke:  Arsenal supporters are rightly wondering if it can get much worse. Two losses in three matches to open the Premier League season, a manager in Arsène Wenger who has seemingly lost his touch. But if Arsenal fans are dismayed at the way the club’s majority shareholder, Stan Kroenke, runs affairs at the Emirates, a glance at his US teams offers little hope things will improve.

Stan Kroenke has seen the Denver Nuggets struggle in NBA and the LA Rams continue to underwhelm in NFL, while facing protests against his ownership of Arsenal.

Evening Standard reports as Wenger admits nearly quiting

 "Arsenal in Crisis" says former player Martin Keown

Arsenal owner "Silent Stan" Kroenke sees his US sporting nterests struggle (Guardian Sport)

Friday, 1 September 2017

By Jove ! An Arrow Lands In A Cathedral Of Cricket

Metal-Tipped Bolt fired into The Oval (Huffington Post photo)
The sleepy world of cricket was abruptly woken yesterday when a county championship match at The Oval had to be abandoned due to a red crossbow bolt landing on the pitch.  At around 4.20pm the red bolt landed only a few metres away from one of the fielders and play between Surrey and Middlesex was immediately suspended.  Police were called and a controlled evacuation of the ground took place.  "It is a deadly weapon for sure, if it had hit someone it would have caused some serious damage. It just shows the world we live in" said Surrey captain Gareth Batty.

 If the aim was to get press attention it certainly succeeded.

For the British elite cricket is little short of a religion
Whoever fired the red crossbow bolt has every chance of becoming a celebrity overnight as the story was covered on all the main TV news channels and reached the front page of  national newspapers.
What could be behind this strange incident ?  Is it connected to other recent events ? Does it mean anything at all ? Was it someone very clever or someone who had a few drinks too many ? Here are some of our starting suggestions:

  • In England the game of Cricket is little short of a religion for the upper classes who attended public schools. The "religion" of cricket in the current world situation may well attract the interests of islamic fundamentalists who object to the casual use of the term.  
(Daily Mail photo)
  • If cricket is a religion then The Oval must be one of its cathedrals. The Middle East has seen widespread destruction of mosques, temples and antiquities in recent decades. Perhaps the arrow was meant to highlight this and the Assymetric War that caused it. 
  • It has been recently announced that the Red Arrows are to tour the Middle-East and this incident is a warning issued by islamists.  The Red Arrows are also hated by fans of the Shoreham Ar Show after the RAF elite team refused to perform their full routine at Shoreham deeming it "too dangerous" prior to the terrible vintage jet crash with killed 11 innocent people.
Sky News Report

Mirror Report

Red Arrows To Tour 7 Middle Eastern Countries

Red Arrows Perform in China for first time ever

Red Arrows WARNED That Shoreham Air Show was "too dangerous" before crash

Interview on BBC Radio 5 Live Suggests That Public Are To Blame For Shoreham Crash

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

"Arsenal In Crisis" says former player Martin Keown

Former Player Martin Keown - club are in "crisis" (express photo)
Move over Silent Stan and let Alisher Usmanov lead Arsenal to a serious Premiership campaign !
Every cloud has a silver lining they say and Arsenal's dismal 4-0 defeat at Liverpool last Saturday could be the start of something good, really good, and that is for Alisher Usmanov to take control of Arsenal from current owner Stan "Silent Stan" Kroenke.  Arsenal fans are tired of the current mediocrity and they want the cash-muscle of Usmanov to put the club on a par with Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

 Arsenal fans are right to protest about the "also-ran" culture of the club in recent years, Arsenal are a great club with a great history and the fans want to see the team compete with the very best.

Arsenal in crisis says former player Martin Keown

Arsenal crisis - Goal reports

Usmanov for Arsenal !

Friday, 25 August 2017

Would Jesus Vote For The Labour Party ?

Our home town of Romford in the London Borough of Havering has the misfortune of having Andrew Rosindell MP representing it to the rest of the UK and the world.  Traditionally monarchists believe in the divine rights of monarchy. The Divine right of kings is a  political doctrine in defense of monarchy, which asserted that kings derived their authority from God and could not therefore be held accountable for their actions by any earthly authority such as a parliament.  The church is central to monarchy which is why all British monarchs are head of the Church of England. 

We have then an MP who appears to believe in a system of absolute totalitarianism which depends
entirely on the monarch's unique and exclusive relationship with God and nothing else.  The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office is said to have statues of former British statesman in Roman dress, Mr Rosindell frequently associates himself with foreign and commonwealth affairs.

What would Jeseus have made of all this being done in his name ? We think Jesus was a rebel more like Spartacus than a church-going Conservative.  Raging against the military power of Rome, Jesus wanted social justice for his people and their beliefs which were intensely opposed to the Roman Empire system of MAN-GODS.  Jesus believed in monotheism, a single unique identity of God distinct from man, NOT the Roman system of extreme self-adulation which merged men with God in a sickening culture of self.

Today we think Jesus would have voted against the policies of the Conservative Party and raged agaiinst the Conservative Party hell of debt, food banks, declining public services, unemployment, poverty, disease, family breakdown, education inequality, poor elderly care and many more problems that ordinary people face every day of their lives.

We think Jesus would vote for the Labour Party,  perhaps Jesus would go even further and take up arms against the current-day Man-Gods oppressing ordinary people without consequence until the true identity of God was reinstated.

Divine Right - Encyclopedia Britanica entry

God and Justice, Liberation Theology

Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Chesterfield Bowling Club in Derbyshire is the latest British institution to find itself at the centre of press attention due to its refusal to allow women members. In recent years several British golf clubs have relented, under pressure to modernise, and allowed women members. Many political observers have identified the old white male members of these institutions as a major voting block for support of BREXIT and continued support for the monarchy.

How Can The Anti-Youth Culture of BLUE BREXIT be the future ?

A London School of Economics study reported "The EU referendum has brought deep divisions in Britain to the surface – it appears economic inequality and its accompanying despondent effects on democracy were some of those. Perhaps if the trajectory beginning in the late 1970s of a society based around capital had been reversed with wealth redistribution and investment led growth instead of austerity, the current course of history may have been different. 


White older men have been shown in many political studies to have been the core political support for BREXIT and young votes to have been the core of pro-EU remain support. An opportunity-denying older generation appearing to be malicious to our young people.  We believe that those young people will become even angrier as they watch their career-peers in EU member states simply get on with life whilst they are disadvantaged by a seemingly malicious and selfish older generation.

The British Establishment like to appear to be involved and "positive" about our young people but the reality of the BREXIT vote shows a very different side to their personality. 

The "young have been screwed" by the older generation - Huffington Post

 Chesterfield's "World's Oldest" Bowls Club Still Refuses To Admit Women Members

Golf Clubs who recently voted to allow women members still "being difficult" ?

Muirfield golf club told to "get out of dark ages"

The BREXIT Age Gap, Psychology Today

LSE report on the BREXIT divide

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Frank Field MP Says Young People Are Being "Mis-Sold" Degrees By The Tories

Frank Field MP -  a moral voice (Liverpool Echo photo)
Frank Field, the Labour MP for Birkenhead and the Chair of the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee, has made a public appeal for better career advice for young people.

Mr Field says the facts show that young people should think twice about studying for a degree pointing to apprenticeships as a much better option for many young people.  

Writing in the Times Education Supplement (TES) Mr Field said "There is already a growing unease among young graduates who feel they have been ripped off." He added: "This mis-selling scandal is so strongly embedded that it is countering any appetite across the country for alternative routes into jobs that pay decent wages and offer healthy prospects for progression." Mr Field argued that apprenticeships could provide a better route into work for some school-leavers and they could earn more than some graduates. "A large number of students have been sold a pup," he alleged.

 Frank Field MP & Andrew Forsey write article in Times Education Supplement 

BBC report on Frank Field MP

Guide to Apprenticeships

Friday, 18 August 2017

Kick Asian Rapists Out Of Britain !

Convicted Asian rape gangs get three meals a day in the prisons we pay for  

A 10 year-old Indian girl who was repeatedly raped over many months by her uncle gave birth by Caesarean section in Chandigarh, India yesterday.  The 10 year-old rape victim was denied the option of an abortion by the Indian Supreme Court.  The girl was raped many times by her uncle in a seven month ordeal.  Her pregancy was discovered at hospital after the girl complained of pain

"Almost 11,000 child rape cases in India in 2015" -  Aljazeera

Indian law prohibits terminations at more than 20 weeks unless the mother's life is in danger or in exceptional circumstances. An increasing number of such cases have come to the courts in recent years. In May, a court allowed another 10-year-old girl allegedly raped by her stepfather to undergo an abortion.

British MP has to resign for "racism" following her article expressing public anger about Pakistani rape gangs.  

British MP Sarah Champion has echoed the deep and growing public anger about Asian rape gangs in Britain today.  Speaking in The Sun Ms Champion said "BRITAIN has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls. There. I said it. Does that make me a racist? Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is?

The BREXIT-loving Conservative Party seek closer trade ties with Asia following declining trade with the post BREXIT EU. 

Working class poverty and unemployment while others get rich
Conservative Party BREXIT campaigners have been reluctant to admit to the reality that they are seeking growth in asian trade deals benefitting the British asian community even more ! Hundreds of thousands of asians have been trained (many at our expense) to become highly paid doctors, dentists, pharmacists, accountants, lawyers and many more professional occupations whilst ordinary working class people have struggled to find employment for decades ! Now they are seeking to exploit BREXIT as well. 

The Telegraph reports on rape case

Al Jazeera reports on rape case

Brave Sarah Champion MP speaks out about rape gangs in Britain  (The Sun newspaper)

Romford doctor charged with 118 sex offences

Labour MP campaigns to end criminalisation of abortion

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

BBC Emphasize That Jo Cox Hero's Death Was Not Related To His Bravery

Hero Bernard Kenny died only a year after attack (express photo)
Bernard Kenny, the 79-year-old hero who was stabbed fighting the murderer of brave Jo Cox MP, has sadly died only a year after the tragic event.  Mr Kenny is reported to have been diagnosed with cancer but surely the possibility that his attack injuries could have contributed to his death should have been acknowledged by the BBC from common sense ! To completely omit such a possibility in their report seems to us to be highly questionable.

How many 79 year old men do you know who wouldn't have been deeply shaken by such an attack ?

The BBC is only too keen to report on the "public service" of the royal family (as is Romford MP Andrew Rosindell) but the emphasis in their report is that Mr Kenny's death is "not believed to be related to the incident" without offering the balanced common-sense possibility that the attack could well have contributed to his death so soon after the incident.

The BBC reports "Mr Kenny was seriously injured in the attack, but the cause of his death is not believed to be related to the incident. . .  After the attack more than 80,000 people signed an online petition calling for Mr Kenny to be awarded the George Cross for his bravery."

Note that a petition was needed in order for Mr Kenny's bravery to be recognised. 

BBC report

Let Alisher Usmanov Take Arsenal To The Premiership !

Alisher Usmanov is the russian billionaire that could turn Arsenal from a good team to the Premier League champions that the Arsenal fans have waited far too long to see. 

Who is stopping Arsenal fans from realising their dream ?  Well his name is Stan Kroenke known as "silent stan".  Kroenke has a sports and media business empire but Arsenal are still a long way from being very serious Premiership contenders and the fans are understandably getting frustrated.

Let Alisher Usmanov take Arsenal FC to the top ! (Daily Mirror)
Kroenke has a 10 year association with Arsenal and manager Arsene Wenger but the club's performance has prompted criticism from former Arsenal and England players who think the club
has  plateaued due to its lacklustre leadership.   

We say its high time that lacklustre Stan Kroenke waved goodbye to Arsenal. Let a reinvigorated Arsenal team fulfil the fan's dream of the Premiership and that happy event will be much more likely under the ownership of Alisher Usmanov.

With Russia hosting the 2018 World Cup next summer the Arsenal stagnation under Kroenke / Wenger will surely reach the sports press pages yet again.  Why should Arsenal fans keep putting up with it !

Daily Mail report on Alisher Usmanov

The Sun reports on Alisher Usmanov and "Silent Stan" Kroenke

BBC Sport report on Alisher Usmanov

"Silent Stan" Kroenke on wikipedia


Saturday, 12 August 2017

If Universities Descend To Pig Troughs We Are All In Godless Trouble !

 University a "self-serving cartel" (BBC Photo)
Tory MP Andrew Murrison has resigned from his role at Bath University over the "eye -watering pay" of Bath University Vice Chancellor Dame Glynis Breakwell who gets a staggering £451,000 a year !  Mr Murrison called Dame Breakwell's pay "inappropriate" and accused Bath University bosses of running a "self-serving cartel".  Mr Murrison has ended his 16 year association with Bath University with a resignation letter expressing his  "disappointment’ at her pay package, given low levels of pay for ordinary academics and the ‘high burden of student debt’.

University Bosses Are Running "Self-Serving Cartels"

 Mr Murrison’s resignation statement read: ‘Universities really need to be asking whether the eye-watering sums some are dispensing to vice-chancellors are really necessary to attract what they represent as talent. ‘As a pack, they are looking increasingly like a self-serving cartel at a time of mounting student debt and wage restraint elsewhere in the public and quasi-public sectors.’

In addition to Mr Murrison's concern over wage-spiral cartels the universities minister Jo Johnson has previously expressed concern at the "highly variable" quality of undergraduate teaching sitting alongside very high levels of student debt.   

Our Opinion

Universities, colleges and schools are far far more than places of training we believe that they,  and not the church, are the places where God is truly respected and studied. The universal laws that science has discovered is, we believe, the real God and not the beliefs of the ancient world.  When places of education go bad it should be considered as one of the worst things that can happen in a healthy positive society.  Our real knowledge of God is held by our universities, when they become corrupt then the rest of us become godless.     

BBC Report on Andrew Murrison MP and Bath Vice Chancellor Dame Breakwell

Daily Mail Report 

The Guardian Reports On Poor Quality of Teaching At Universities

Why was Havering chosen for National ME/CFS Centre ?  

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Romford Doctor Charged With 118 Sexual Offences

Dr Shah not reported for 8 years ? (Daily Mail)
The Daily Mail reports: A ROMFORD doctor has been charged with 118 sexual offences including sexually assaulting a girl under 13.  It is alleged that Dr Manish Shah, 47, assaulted 54 victims at a surgery in the London Borough of Havering between June 2004 and July 2013, when he was first arrested.

Police began an investigation into Shah, from Romford, after several people came to police with allegations in July and August 2013. Neighbours of Shah, who lives on an estate in Romford where homes cost upwards of £800,000, said he was 'well respected' before the allegations surfaced." 

How on earth did it take 9 YEARS for these allegations to surface ? Is it anything to do with Dr Shah living in a £800,000 house in a tory area ? How could an assault on a 13 year old child be ignored ? 
We find it hard to believe that there were no allegations about Dr Shah at all between 2004 and 2012.

If you or a contact of yours made a report to Havering Police about Dr Shah between 2004 and 2012 and received no response from the police then PLEASE contact the ROMFORD RECORDER newsdesk on

Daily Mail report

Guardian Report

The Reality of Tory BREXIT - yet more pandering of Asians (at the expense of ordinary British people)

Saturday, 5 August 2017

The £7.5 Million Ben Ainslie Sports Spending Challenge

The Guardian newspaper reported that £7.5 million of tax payers money was spent on Ben Ainslie and his Americas Cup yacht team by the Conservative Party.  Mr Ainslie spent many months living in Bermuda with his family to prepare for the Americas Cup. The British LAND ROVER BAR team led by Ben Ainslie lost to the New Zealand team.

If you, like us, are angry about £7.5 million of OUR money being given to the Ainslie Americas Cup project by the Conservative Party then please take part in our challenge.

Sports Spending Challenge

Please suggest how £7.5 million of OUR money could have been better spent on sport and sporting facilities all over the UK.  Please send your suggestions to the Conservative government department responsible for the funding - Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Department for Culture, Media and Sport contacts

Ben Ainslie - Get a proper job !

Need Help With Bad Employers ?

About Us - The Havering Witness was established as a response to allegations of criminality in our local London Borough of Havering council controlled by the Conservative Party. The allegations centre on events at Havering College of Further Education in Ardleigh Green, Hornchurch. We are of the opinion that Romford MP Andrew Rosindell would have knowledge of these alleged events. We have never been asked for our witness evidence by the police. To our knowledge Andrew Rosindell MP has never campaigned for an investigation into the alleged criminal events at the college. 

About You - Have you been the victim of corrupt employers or just bad employers giving you a hard time because they think you can't fight back ?  Finding the right next step when you are fuming about your treatment can be difficult.  As a start we would like to recommend the following sites as a start to your fight back against the criminals and bullies.

Start Your Fight Back 

 The TUC Worksmart site - your rights and much more ! Great site !

National Council For Civil Liberties - the leading UK organisation on human rights

Legal Advice contacts courtesy of JUSTICE

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Ben Ainslie - Get A Proper Job And Don't Waste Taxpayers Money ?

Supporters of the Conservative Party in Havering (and everywhere else) love to make comments about "lower class" people's work and finances whilst protecting the details of their own income. How they love to call the unemployed "lazy",  students "useless" and state pensioners "a burden" and make constant references to public expenditure whilst trying to avoid accountability in disgusting incidents like the Grenfell Tower fire and its underlying corruption. The police have already indicated that there is a case of corporate manslaughter to bring against Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council.

Ainslie losing on his expensive boat (BBC photo)
Here's another story thats closer to reality of Conservative Party supporters.  Well-connected sailor Ben Ainslie  has been living and sailing in Bermuda with his family for months on end to "prepare" for the Americas Cup to "represent the country".   Ainslie's pet project to win the Americas Cup "for Britain" cost the British taxpayer £7.5 million and cost in excess of £80 million in total. Ainslie lost to New Zealand and millions of our money was wasted.

The £80 million pound LAND ROVER BAR team project led by Ainslie to win the Americas Cup failed due to a "lack of speed".  Unbelievably despite the waste of millions of tax payers money Ainslie vows he will "be back".

 Guardian Report on Ben Ainslie

The REAL BREXIT agenda of age-old "them and us"

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

UNISON Wins Landmark Court Case On Employment Tribunal Fees

UNISON flags flying high and proud ! (itv)
UNISON has won a landmark court victory today against the government, which means that employment tribunal fees will now be scrapped. The Supreme Court – the UK’s highest court – has   unanimously ruled that the government was acting unlawfully and unconstitutionally when it introduced the fees four years ago. From today, anyone who has been treated illegally or unfairly at work will no longer have to pay to take their employers to court – as a direct result of UNISON’s legal challenge. The government will also have to refund more than £27m to the thousands of people charged for taking claims to tribunals. This is since July 2013, when fees were introduced by Chris Grayling, the then Lord Chancellor.

 We have won a moral struggle to end the tax on justice - Dave Prentis, UNISON

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “The government is not above the law. But when ministers introduced fees they were disregarding laws many centuries old, and showing little concern for employees seeking justice following illegal treatment at work.  The government has been acting unlawfully, and has been proved wrong – not just on simple economics, but on constitutional law and basic fairness too. It’s a major victory for employees everywhere. UNISON took the case on behalf of anyone who’s ever been wronged at work, or who might be in future. Unscrupulous employers no longer have the upper hand."

UNISON reports

The Guardian Reports

Buckingham Palace LIED Claims Princess Diana's Brother

Lies about the wishes of Diana's sons (Daily Mail)
Daily Mail reports that Earl Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana, said he "WAS LIED TO" by royal officials at Buckingham Palace about the coffin procession of his late sister.  Earl Spencer said he was told a lie that Diana's sons wanted to walk behind their mother's coffin. He claims that the princes were never asked what they wanted they were simply told what the royal officials had already decided - he found out they were never asked later.

"Princess Diana's brother has today said he was 'lied to' about Princes William and Harry wanting to walk behind their mother's coffin at her funeral.  Earl Spencer said he raised objections with royal officials before being told her sons wanted to do it, adding he later realised this was not the case.  He also described the feeling of walking behind his sister's coffin as the 'most horrifying half hour of my life'." (Daily Mail)

Daily Mail reports on royal official "lies"

BBC Report

Friday, 21 July 2017

Havering Scandal Allegations Suggest A Serious Breach of Health and Safety at Work Act

The Havering Witness campaign was established in the best interests of the victims, eye-witnesses and others affected by the orchestrated crime allegations scandal at Havering College of FE. 

Eye-witness evidence should be taken seriously by the police and not ignored in a political cover-up involving the Conservative Party.  Witness allegations include firearms being sold and test-fired, murder and attempted murder by vehicle sabotage, and other allegations of assault, intimidation, and misuse of police powers to "find sleaze".

The police have NEVER taken witness evidence, and have NEVER made any crime reports relating to the eye-witness evidence.  In addition the Departments of Education or Local Government have NEVER  responded to complaints by staff and students at the college under the Health and Safety at Work Act.  The victims and witnesses have been ignored and even intimidated by those PAID by the state to uphold the law - a disgusting and intolerable situation.

The TUC provides a useful guide to the key points of the Health and Safety at Work Act on its Worksmart site (see link at end of article)     

Your employer's duty under the Health and Safety at Work 1974 (HASAWA) is to provide you with a safe and healthy workplace, and this includes:
  • a safe system of work;
  • a safe place of work;
  • safe equipment, plant and machinery;
  • safe and competent people working alongside you, because employers are also liable for the actions of their staff and managers;
  • carrying out risk assessments as set out in regulations, and taking steps to eliminate or control these risks;
  • informing workers fully about all potential hazards associated with any work process, chemical substance or activity, including providing instruction, training and supervision;
  • appointing a 'competent person' responsible for health and safety (competent persons, such as a head of health and safety, oversee day-to-day safety management, oversee safety inspections, and liaise with staff safety reps);
  • consulting with workplace safety representatives (if a union is recognised, your employer must set up and attend a workplace safety committee if two or more safety reps request one); and
  • providing adequate facilities for staff welfare at work.
TUC Worksmart on HASAWA 

Eye-witnesses believe that THREE DEATHS and PERMANENT DISABILITY are linked to Havering College Orchestrated Crime Scandal Allegations 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Havering 3

Is there more than 3 ?
The eye-witness allegations of orchestrated crime at Havering College just won't go away much to  the frustration of the Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster Conservative Parties, their supporters, and their political friends in the London Borough of Havering police force. 

Truth doesn't disappear - people remember injustice to their dying day.  Those concerned about the victims want a full investigation of the allegations based on the eye-witness testimony they can provide -  the witnesses have never been asked for their evidence by the police - it is the legal duty of the police to investigate crime.

Witnesses think that THREE DEATHS are linked to the Havering College scandal, they are: 

  • DEATH of John Bauldie - who died as a fellow passenger in the Matthew Harding helicopter crash.  Mr Bauldie, a journalist, told Mr Harding of the Havering College scandal.   
  • DEATH of Penny Garner - the domestic partner of John Bauldie.  Penny was also a Biology lecturer at Havering College during the criminal events witnessed by this campaign. Penny died in despair a few years after John was killed in the Harding helicopter crash.
  •  DEATH of a mechanical engineering student, first name David, on the TEC Production and Mechanical Engineering course was killed when he "lost control" of his motorcycle. Another student, a youth offender enrolled at the college. was witnessed trying to sabotage motorcycles and cars only days before the accident.  
  • PERMANENT DISABILITY of a member of the public hit by a car driven by a youth offender enrolled at the college.  The victim survived the accident but nearly lost her leg resulting in permanent disability. The car was occupied by two youth offenders - one of them was the SAME individual caught trying to sabotage vehicles prior to the fatal motorcycle accident described above.
Witnesses say there could be MORE DEATHS, injury and other crimes connected to the Havering College scandal. If you have any witness evidence of further deaths, injury or other crime you believe linked to the Havering College scandal then please contact the police immediately.

Please read an outline of eye-witness testimony

Other Havering Council scandals

Member of "Irish Fenian" family with arms / explosives store joined Conservative Party in Havering

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Why is Havering College Suitable For Young Offenders If Prisons Are Unsafe ?

Peter Clarke, HM Inspector of Prisons concerned about safety
In successive annual reports HM Inspector of Prisons Peter Clarke has expressed his deep concerns about the safety of the prison system. In his latest annual report Peter Clarke draws particular attention to the safety of Youth Custody, saying that "tragedy is inevitable" if improvements aren't made. 

In the Havering College scandal youth offenders  were enrolled at the college, many believe it was to cause trouble as part of a "political fix" to close the college by orchestrating scandal. There are also allegations of firearms being sold on college grounds and the misuse of police powers to "investigate" college staff without just cause by politically-motivated individual police officers.

The Havering Witness campaigns for a full police and civil service investigation into long-standing allegations of corruption in the London Borough of Havering. We have identified Havering College of Further Education as one location in which eye-witness testimony of Conservative Party corruption is readily available. Our politicised police force and civil service are still not free to investigate these  allegations - we believe it is in the best public interest that they should be investigated immediately.

When will Mr Rosindell make a formal statement ?
We also believe that the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell knows more about the Havering College corruption allegations than he is prepared to tell the police in a statement - Mr Rosindell was himself a student at the college at the time of the scandal.  When will Andrew Rosindell MP make a statement to the press and police making it clear what his position on these allegations  is ? 

If a senior respected figure like Peter Clarke says that prisons aren't safe to deal with young offenders then WHY were young offenders enrolled at Havering College with no apparent safety concerns for staff and other students ?  

Peter Clarke, HM Inspector of Prisons, releases 2017 annual report - "tragedy is inevitable" in an unsafe prison system

Shouldn't Andrew Rosindell MP and former Batley Tory Elizabeth Peacock expressed more concern about the murder of democratically-elected Jo Cox MP ?

Machine Gun Scandal at Havering College

Prison Chief Says Youth Custody Is So Unsafe That "Tragedy Is Inevitable"

Peter Clarke speaking on the BBC
Peter Clarke, the UK's Chief Inspector of Prisons, yesterday stated his deeply worrying view that youth custody is so unsafe that we should expect that "tragedy is inevitable".  Before being appointed to his current post of HM Chief Inspector of Prisons Peter Clarke was a highly respected police commander.  As a Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke was the head of the Anti-Terrorist Branch. When a respected figure like Peter Clarke says there is serious cause for concern there is !

BBC report by Danny Shaw, 18/7/17:  Youth custody centres in England and Wales are so unsafe that a "tragedy" is "inevitable", the chief inspector of prisons has said.  Peter Clarke wrote to ministers earlier this year, after what he says was such a "staggering" decline in standards. Launching his annual report, he said not a single establishment inspected was safe to hold young people.

Mr Clarke said prisons for men had also become worse over the past year with "startling" increases in violence.  "Far too often I have seen men sharing a cell in which they are locked up for as much as 23 hours a day, in which they are required to eat all their meals, and in which there is an unscreened lavatory." But he said the "most concerning" findings emerged from inspections of young offender institutions and secure training centres, which hold about 770 under 18-year-olds. 

Peter Clarke in successive annual reports has constantly highlighted safety issues for staff and prisoners. The Havering Witness would like to know if prisons are unsafe for staff then why was Havering College considered a safe place to enrol young offenders ?   

Yesterday's BBC Report on concerns of Peter Clarke, Chief Inspector of Prisons

2016 BBC report - "Prisons Unacceptably Violent" says Peter Clarke

HM Inspector of Prisons Web-site Where Annual Reports Can Be Read

Havering College Scandal involved Youth Offenders !!

"Irish Fenian" family joined Havering Conservatives in build-up to Havering College Scandal

Saturday, 15 July 2017

REPUBLIC 2017 - Republic pressure group holds its annual convention in Newcastle

Campaign group Republic is holding its Annual Convention in Newcastle today. Speakers include:

local MP Chi Onwurah, new Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad, former Greens leader Natalie Bennett, Newcastle academic Martin Farr and Swedish MP Christina Örnebjär.

The Republic Convention 2017 is asking how citizens can really take back control from the powerful institutions of Westminster. The event will ask: How democratic is Britain? If we really want political control, what reforms do we need in Westminster? How does the monarchy shape and reflect a centralised and secretive British state?

Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, said:  "We're really excited about being in Newcastle for the 2017 Republic Convention.  These are difficult political times and there's a real need for serious democratic reform.  We think this conference will offer some real answers to the challenges ahead."  "Britain needs a re-balancing of power between people, parliament and government.  That can only really happen if we become a fully-fledged republic with a fully elected parliament and an effective head of state."

Lets hope the work of Republic will help the republican people of Romford get rid of royalist Andrew Rosindell MP and build a meritocratic future full of deserved opportunity.

REPUBLIC web-site

REPUBLIC on twitter

REPUBLIC on facebook

Friday, 14 July 2017

The Many Gods Of Royal Havering

Romford has the misfortune of having one of the most royalist MPs in parliament in Andrew Rosindell.  However, the creaking old ship of the British monarchy is slowly sinking and Mr Rosindell and his royalist supporters are trying to ensure that we the people of Romford all sink with it - please help us get rid of him and let us embrace the only real future we have - a meritocratic republic free from all the gleeful obstructions of priviledge !

The Queen, as Mr Rosindell, will remind you is the head of the Church, the full title being the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.  This royal role is acknowledged in the Thirty-Nine Articles of 1562 .In Scotland the Queen appoints the Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland as her representative -  The Queen on occasion has filled the role personally, as when she opened the General Assembly in 1977 and 2002 (her Silver and Golden Jubilee years).  Gold and Silver appear to have a special meaning in relation to Royal Scotland. (wikipedia)

With such a royalist MP so frequently proclaiming his support for the Queen we might be able to report Havering as a monotheistic religious community with a very clear and consistent understanding of God.  However, having lived in Havering all our lives and having recently conducted a street survey asking the question "What or who is your God ?" we have a very different reality.

Here are a few of the (anonymous) Havering community suggestions as to what God is:
  • Money -  "God ought to help me earn more money if he wants anything from me"
  • Burger and Beer - "A Big Mac and cold lager."
  • The Queen - "The Queen talks with God and passes it to us."
  • Spitfire Pilots - "The pilots of the Battle of Britain they are my Gods."
  • R.J. Mitchell ("designer" of the Spitfire) "The bloke who designed the spitfire is my God".
  • Property - "Having a big house with horses - that's what God is about mate".
  • Talking about grandchildren "Telling all my friends about my grandchildren - thats what God wants me to do - he told me".
  • Cars - "You really know when things are for you when you're driving a decent motor."
  • Sex - "A sexy bird mate and plenty of 'em that what god should do for me." 
  • Sensation seeking - "Being a God means plently of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll."
  • Football - "If I get picked for a big club then I'll be like a God."
  • Looking Good - "Looking and feeling good, turning heads that's what's it all about." 
Sound more like a Godless wilderness than a proud example of Royal devotion - is Mr Rosindell really the best person to lead our town into the future ?

Supreme Governor of Church of England

The Windsors on Channel 4

The suppression of Liberation Theology

The Havering Forum web-site used by people with links to the council

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bower Park Academy - A Politically Isolated School Turning ITSELF Around

On Thursday 22nd June 2017, the Havering Learning Partnership, consisting of all the schools and colleges in Havering, held its first annual awards ceremony at Havering Sixth Form College.  The following Teachers from the Bower Park academy were recognised
  • Mr Poole – for his dynamic and creative work in Art and Design
  • Mrs Mosuro – for the excellent work she does in RE
  • Mrs Savage – for her hard work and motivation in History
  • Mrs O’Shaughnessy – for her dedication, enthusiasm and inspiration in SEND
  • Ms Davis – for exceptional support in Science.
As ex-pupils The Havering Witness would like to congratulate the teaching staff of Bower Park Academy for their hard work and dedication in turning the school around from its former status as a school that the local Conservative Party establishment (and their friends in the police) dumped its problems on for years.  It is the teachers who have improved the school NOT Conservative Party councillors.

Back in the 1970s / 80s the school was called Chase Cross Comprehensive and it was regarded as a dumping ground (or in today's language a "sink school") for a minority of "problem" families who like rotten apples did their best to turn the whole school bad.  That was the role the Conservative Party and their friends in the police created for the school, and it was the daily reality for hard-working teachers fighting against a barrage of insults about their character and ability in the face of very difficult pupils and parents.

Please read our articles below to learn of the allegations of political victimisation that the school was subjected to by the Conservative Party and their friends in the police throughout the 1970s / 80s.

The Orchestrated Criminality Directed At A School

Connected events at a local college which was also marked as "a problem" by the Conservatives and their political friends in the police