Friday, 18 May 2018

Death To Essex Tradesmen Cold-Calling "Soft Touch" Pensioners

"Friendly" Rosina Coleman, 85,  Bludgeoned To Death In Her Home
Public Safety confidence in Havering took another big step back as an 85-yar-old Romford pensioner, Rosina Coleman, was found bludgeoned to death in her own home. Rosina lived alone and it is reported that she was PESTERED by door-knocking trades people.

Had Rosina previously given work to these people ? Had she previously let them into her home ? Was Rosina regarded as a "soft touch" by Essex van man looking for easy money ? It wouldn't be the first time in Romford that a pensioner had been pestered by cold-callers. We recently heard of a case where three men posing as water company workers were let in by another pensioner victim. They beat her up, took her money and jewellery, the victim is still traumatised today.

The Havering Witness has long been concerned about pensioner safety in Romford given the huge political bias in favour of business from the self-employed culture that dominates the area. The solution, as always, will come from Public Service - Havering council should run a special property maintenance service for vulnerable people but in tory-controlled Thatcherite Havering it is highly unlikely that such a policy would be implemented.

Thousands of TORY-SUPPORTING DOOR KNOCKING trades people would oppose a council-run property maintenance service for vulnerable people.

Romford Recorder reports on Rosina Coleman murdered in her own home after being pestered by door knocking tradesmen

The Sun reports - Victim Was Pestered By Cold-Call Workmen

Violent Crime In Romford Has Increased Since Andrew Rosindell MP Elected

Friday, 11 May 2018

We Support Compensation For British Victims Of Libyan-Sponsored IRA Terrorism

 Gadaffi's Libya Supplied The IRA 
The Havering Witness welcomes moves to compensate the victms of Libyan-sponsored IRA terrorism. Everyday our TV screens are full of so-called "worthy causes" but never have we seen the victims of Libyan-sponsored IRA terrorism receive the media attention that many other groups routinely get. 

The victims of Libyan-backed IRA terrorism, especially the working-class victims, have been ignored by our media and have suffered indescribable levels of anguish over many many years.  In contrast the general quality of life issues of the 1950s/60s Tory-invited immigrant communities of Asia and the Caribbean are seldom off our TV screens.  Something is wrong somewhere and it is quite deliberately wrong.

As an interested group we thank those MPs of all parties who contributed to the debate and for their efforts generally to secure compensation for the victims. However we have to ask whether it is appropriate for Romford MP Andrew Rosindell to be amongst them in such a sensitive justice case. 

Andrew Rosindell MP - A Key Witness To Corruption in Havering
We believe that Andrew Rosindell MP is a key witness to corruption within the London Borough of Havering and should make a full statement to the police and parliament giving his full knowledge of the Havering College orchestrated crime scandal, the closure of Romford's football ground "Brooklands" and the full story of the closure of Romford's Ind Coope Brewery, our borough's only major industry.

The victims of Libyan-sponsored IRA terrorism deserve the best team competing on their behalf, we do not regard Andrew Rosindell MP as an appropriate member of that team until he fully assists with a full investigation into corruption allegations in our home borough of Havering.

Our borough deserves better than this, if it were possible we would ask the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell himself to send a detachment of a reformed New Model Army to secure the courts to prosecute the crown. 

Parliamentary Debate On The British Victims Of Libyan-Sponsored IRA Terrorism (Hansard)

Belfast Telegraph - Calls To Compensate Victims With Libyan Assets

Lord Empey's Libyan - IRA Terror Victim Compensation Bill Passes To House of Commons

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Russia Celebrates Victory Day - The Great Russian Victory Over Nazi Germany And Its Supporters

A T34 Tank Led The Armoured Section Of The Victory Day Parade 
An impressive parade of Russia's military in Red Square, Moscow was the centre-piece of Victory Day celebrations today. Victory Day is a Russian national holiday that commemorates the great victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 45.

On May 8, 1945, the Presidium of the Soviet Union's Supreme Soviet issued a decree according to which May 9 would be marked as "the day of national celebrations of the victorious end of the Great Patriotic War of Soviet people against Nazi occupiers and the Red Army's historical victories that led to the routing of Hitler Germany and its unconditional surrender". (Sputnik)

Lady Diana Mosley nee Mitford
Here in the UK, royal, peerage and society links to Nazi Germany have again been the subject of public interest since the restoration of Chatsworth House was recently completed. 

Chatsworth House, in the Derbyshire Dales, is the stately home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.  The youngest of the famous Mitford sisters, Deborah, became the Duchess of Devonshire. Her older sister Diana Mitford was infamous for her friendship with Adolf Hitler.

Diana Mitford married British Facist leader Oswald Mosley. Mosley was the leader of the British Union of Facists and was openly supportive of Adolf Hitler and German National Socialism.

Chatsworth House restored - Duchess of Devonshire was youngest Mitford sister

Deborah Mitford - later Duchess of Devonshire

Diana Mitford - Friend of Adolf Hitler

Russian Victory Day Parade in Red Square, Moscow (Russia Today Video)

RT article on Victory Day Parade

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Ex-Christians of Romford Don't Despair At The Tory Church

Do you think Jesus would be a supporter of the Tories ? 
Disappointed Ex-Christians Of Romford Unite !

Have you stopped going to Church in the Romford area because of the Tories that dominate it ?

Did the Royalist Tory presence in the church cause you to feel cheated ?

Did attending church became a chore instead of a weekly spiritual renewal because of the royal tory culture ? 

If the above applies to you then you are in good company because many thousands of people over many years have made the same decision for the same reasons  - we should never underestimate the capability of a Tory to ruin something. One particularly pompous royalist member of a congregation told us :
"the church is not about feeling happier but a place for you to repent of your sins."   
Unhappy people have long been bitterly disappointed by the Queen's churches, they start with optimism that faith might lift them out of darkness but the royalist tories who run the church soon make them feel worse. Some have suggested that they enjoy doing so using the church to shield their malevolence. 

In the TORY CHURCH you are guilty before proven innocent and your status is that of a compulsory sinner striving to make amends irrespective of your actual behaviour. The emphasis of the tory church is NOT the simple recognition of the injustice in the story of Jesus BUT rather the use of the same story to maintain the current establishment by the automatic status of sinner and the requirement to forgive everyone and everything.
A new member of a congregation may well expect a culture of empathy with social justice and sympathy towards the victims of injustice but what they get is a carefully disguised adulation of royalty itself. They become a compulsory sinner under the power and dominion of Christ The King as a generic icon of monarchy.

The unhappy person looking for renewal and hope will be repelled by the overwhelming bias towards the maintenance of establishment power with the crown at the top. Jesus was NOT a criminal and NOR is the person looking for something to lift their lives.

Try Christians On The Left if your church felt hostile
Ex-Christians of Romford be assured that you are NOT alone and your inner disappointment, even disgust, at the TORY CHURCH has been experienced by many thousands of others over the years.  The election of royalist tory MP Andrew Rosindell has made these issues even worse for many over the past 20 years or so.

For those readers who have experienced the disappointments we have described why not try  Christians On The Left   and begin your spiritual journey again. 

Friday, 27 April 2018

The Conservative Party Is Split To Its Priviledged Marrow

Here's a sample collection of recent stories in the press that indicate how split and detached from reality the Conservative Party really is:

Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative Party leader, has announced that her and her same-sex partner are expecting a child with the help of medical science. Ruth Davidson told the press that she is 13 weeks pregnant after receiving IVF treatment (in-vitro fertilisation). IVF was originally a technique developed to help heterosexual infertile women conceive with the sperm of their male partner.  The use of IVF has been widened to include same-sex couples who want to have a child without the issue of fertility arising.  Many Conservative Party supporters are opposed to same-sex parenting in principle, opposed to ALL same-sex partnerships anyway and opposed to the use of medical science to support the creation of same-sex parent families.

Despite the BREXIT referendum the Conservative Party remain deeply split on Europe. The House of Lords voted to KEEP THE CUSTOMS UNION option open despite fierce opposition for BREXITEERS.  Background tory in-fighting continues with figures such as Home Secretary Amber Rudd under pressure to resign.  British business is angry at the flag-waving hard right in the Conservative Party who insult Europe at every opportunity making their business harder and jobs less secure.

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell, a staunch royalist brexiteer, declares that there "aren't divides" in his constituency unlike the rest of the UK.  For some unknown reason Mr Rosindell believes that there are no social divisions in Romford based on class, religion or ethinicity.  Many voters in Romford are increasingly irritated and embarrassed by Mr Rosindell's pronouncements on behalf of their home town. Previously Mr Rosindell had made several critical comments on foreign governments and their leaders without having any ministerial brief to do so - why should Romford have to burden this kind of MP ? Many Romford voters would prefer an MP who focussed on economic issues here at home.

Members of the traditional Conservative Party-supporting wing of the Church of England STILL OPPOSE WOMEN BISHOPS despite a convincing vote in favour and the subsequent ordination of womens bishops including the new Bishop of London.

Sky News reports on same-sex IVF pregnancy of Scottish Conservative Party leader Ruth Davidson

Daily Mirror report on Lords voting to KEEP Customs Union option

Andrew Rosindell MP tells Romford Recorder there "aren't divides" in Romford

Church of England traditionalists STILL OPPOSE women bishops

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Arrogance Of British Tory Jews

We are speechless at the arrogance of tory-supporting jewish organisations in telling the Labour Party how to deal with its internal affairs. The Labour Party has fought for equality for the people it represents since its inception. The Labour Party has won praise for doing so from religious figures and groups throughout that time for its genuine concern for the poor. We do NOT need lectures from tory-supporting groups on how to address equality issues.

Perhaps the Jewish community would like to change its highly offensive claim that they and they alone are God's chosen people. God is accessible to all who wish to have a spiritual dimension, private or public, to their lives and their families.

What could be more inequitable or offensive than claiming to have a special relationship with God over and above all other people on this troubled planet ? If it were possible to regard a religious view as a breach of equality law then surely the jewish community and their claim of being unique in the eyes of God is a case that should be heard.

The Labour Party and the arrogance of tory jews

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The Labour Executive And The Staggering Arrogance Of British Blue Jews

Thatcherites laughed as they decimated British folk history
The staggering arrogance of British Blue Jews has been exposed yet again as they seek to interfere in Labour Party internal affairs.

British Jewish leaders such as the Jewish Leadership Council and British Board of Deputies bent overbackwards to support Margaret Thatcher in her gleeful destruction of Britain's industrial heritage.

Blue Jews cheered as Britain's industrial heritage was destroyed by Thatcher
Shipbuilding, dockers, miners, engineers, steel workers, printers, production line workers and many many thousands of small manufacturing companies were wiped off Britain's economic and induistrial history by a gleeful Thatcher and her blue jewish frends cheering her on .

Now Thatcher's Blue Jews think they can tell a Labour Leader how to run the party
The sheer arrogance of British Blue Jews is revealed in a BBC report - "Jeremy Corbyn is set for a crunch meeting with Jewish leaders to discuss what steps he has taken to address anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. The Jewish Leadership Council and Board of Deputies of British Jews say the Labour leader has been slow to act on the recommendations of a 2016 report. They want disciplinary cases speeded up and elected officials thrown out if they share a platform with offenders."

The Blue Jew supporters of Margaret Thatcher want to control Labour Party internal affairs by TELLING the Labour leader how to run the party he was elected to lead ? They have NO BUSINESS telling the Labour executive what to do.

It's long been time for someone to tell British Blue Jews how their lives should be run and to run their organisations in line with our priorities. We find it highly offensive and inequitable that jews should claim to have a special relationship with God as "chosen people".

BBC report