Monday, 15 January 2018

Recommending Tides of History - A Great Example Of Labour Family History !

Keep ahead of the Tory snoopers and add to your political knowledge
As part of our ongoing appeal to ordinary Labour Party members to take a private interest in their own family history we will be recommending history web-sites that may assist you from time to time.

Being only amateur writers ourselves we really appreciate high quality work when we see it and we would like to recommend the work of the Tides of History web-site as a great read for the ordinary party member (like ourselves).  The twitter account of Tides Of History is @labour_history.  This is a great example of how Labour history can form the basis of healthy party activity and debate.

We are only encouraging Labour Party members to know the significant economic and political parts of their family history privately and regard it as part of their political tool-kit. . Whether you share it with anyone else is another matter entirely as is the use of DNA testing services that family history web-sites promote. We regard Labour Family History as a political counter-measure.

Remember that Tory snoopers use family history research as a tool and we want Labour Party members to be alert to it.

Tides of History web-site

Tides Of History On Twitter

Keep the TORY SNOOPERS out - our article

Labour Party members should know their family history - our article

Labour Party members can "do god" through family history and the role of religion in protest

Friday, 12 January 2018

The Labour Party DOES recognise God

In this article we continue our appeal to ordinary Labour Party members to take an interest in their own family history and to know it before the tory snoopers do.  One aspect of family history that is of great importance is that of religion and its role in the fortunes of our families throughout European history.  The Labour Party does indeed "do God" and does it genuinely.

An ordinary member can help the Labour Party simply by knowing all significant parts of their own family history in relation to national economic and political history.  If you can't manage to deliver leaflets for whatever reason then please consider family history.

Alistair Campbell DOES do God - Telegraph article

The Havering Witness is interested in Unitarianism and Deism  

Labour Party member ? We appeal to you to take an interest in your family history

We share some of our family history but all we would like from Labour Party members is that they know theirs before the tory snoopers do

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Martial Grove (4)

Martial Law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions of government. 

Martial Grove is a fictitious place where fictitious leaders live ...

Having denied millions of British citizens the opportunity to benefit from their own family history within the European Union , royalist brexiteers continue their European links in special "divine" arrangements beyond the public eye. Their world won't become smaller.

Meanwhile British industry gets the opportunity to relive the glory days of the Austin Princess and Sea Vixen jet fighter and says "goodbye and why don't you eat more chips".

BREXIT WHEELWRIGHT says "Eeee I'm the future wot you worrying about - I got all me own tools"  

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Cricket God Rejects BREXIT Arrogance

The "Church" of England campaigning for BREXIT ?
Here in Romford on the border of Eastern Greater London with Essex we saw and heard a great deal of delusion and conceit throughout the TORY pro-BREXIT era.

People dressing up as medieval knights draped in English flags claiming "divine guidance" for their deranged jingoism. Other demented individuals and couples going into supermarkets to shout at the staff because they sold German sausage or French desserts. 

Members of the Church of England were walking around in their stripey royalist socks "providing a a divine connection" between the average pro-BREXIT voter and God and imploring other church-goers to follow them.

Church goers were subjected to offensive pro-BREXIT campaigners

These demented false prophets laughed as they sucked the life blood of struggling faith in God out of the congregation for their nationalist cause and then they told them to only serve English food at church functions according to their taste. People attending church in order to set up golf society's and men's clubs within the Church itself and using names such as "Redwood" for their political clubs inside the church .One might expect that with "God on their side" the English cricket team would want to make a special effort to reinforce the pro-BREXIT vote.  

The "real God" was waiting for the English cricket team

The English cricket team travelled to Australia and God was waiting to give judgement - the England team were slaughtered 4-0 when the pro-BREXIT divinely inspired "congregation" back in England were waiting for a "sign" of God's approval for their pro-BREXIT rantings.    

God isn't a deranged nationalist

English cricket captain waiting for divine guidance (express photo)
Recently French jews were welcomed into the country and are settling near St. Johns Wood and the Lord's cricket ground - is this a "top up" of religious credentials ?

Other longer established British jewish communties are moving out of London to live in Canvey Island opposite a huge oil refinery. European catholics are now leaving the UK in droves having seen a pro-BREXIT vote.

European Catholics leave the UK in droves

The BREXITEERS of "divine intervention" continue applauding themselves in the deranged isolation they have "delivered for the country". Their demented isolation is not only wanted by them but is absolutely essential for them to deal with the many greater abilities in other populations in Europe and the rest of the world.  Trade is global and the desired isolation of the despised nationalist won't work in protecting them from that economic reality and nor will God.

 The Sun has all the answers for the Cricket Gods

Nasty Tory BREXITEERS laughing at our young people being denied opportunity

Bishop criticises selfishness and greed

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Please Support The #patriotspaytax Campaign


Christians On The Left, the new name for the Christian Socialist Movement, have produced a timely video on the subject of taxation and the responsibilities of citizenship.

The Havering Witness strongly supports the #patriotspaytax campaign of Christians On the Left.

We hope you will support the campaign too, please watch the campaign video on the link below. Thank you for your support.

Watch video - Christians On The Left Web-site

Support the #patriotspaytax campaign

Friday, 5 January 2018

Tory BREXIT Farmers To Keep Snouts In Trough

TORY BREXIT PIGS stuffing themselves at our expense ?  (pinterest)
Tory BREXIT-supporting farmers will continue to receive £3.1 BILLION A YEAR in payments from public funds despite the strain that public services are continually being subjected too.

The NHS is again reported to be under great strain and spending is tight across the whole range of government - but not for the special tory farmer.

Tory farmers can deny opportunity to young people through TORY BREXIT but still get the same payments as if staying in the EU.

The City of London will make no comment on the £3.1 BILLION of tax-funded payments that thier tory friends will receive BUT will continue to press for public spending cuts across ALL OTHER government departments. 

They will tell the public to "tighten their belts" and boast of the resulting "low tax economy" to their wealthy clients - the ordinary British man and woman will pay in savings, jobs, loss of entitlement to benefit support, the loss of public services and the unaffordability of public infrastructure.

You can be sure that Andrew Rosindell MP said nothing about any of that when he was campaigning for BREXIT.  Tory Pigs will just keep stuffing themselves, BREXIT or NO BREXIT, at our expense until WE decide to do something about it.

Euractiv article - Farmers to continue getting EU payments

Tories knew there would be another NHS crisis this winter

Nasty Old BREXITEERS and our young people

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

French Jews Come to England To Escape Anti-Semitism ?

Havering College lecturer Penny Garner wore a Star of David
As European-based Islamic terrorism has steadily grown jewish communities in Europe have sought safer places to  live.  As a result London has seen an influx of French jews seeking a "safer place to live". We, of course, recognise that protecting families is a natural and desirable thing to do but with our local experience of the royalist conservative establishment culture here in Havering, situated on the London / Essex border, we had to laugh long and hard at the notion that London or England represents a beacon of Anti-Semitism.

Our local MP Andrew Rosindell is known for his hard-right nationalist and royalist politics which many would say underpins the more popular anti-EU political drive for BREXIT.  This politics is also publicly approved of by those with membership of more extreme and violent facist groups in the black-shirt tradition of Oswald Moseley.  Andrew Rosindell MP denies that he is in contact with such groups and we have no reason to doubt his word.

We have lived in Havering all our lives and have come across "soft" neo-nazi and black-shirt culture regularly. We have witnessed people who have collected Nazi literature, weapons and uniforms and have publicly expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler.  Some of these people have held significant positions in Havering politics, police, business and sport. None of these people have ever been properly investigated or suffered any detriment to their careers - it has always been covered-up.

As regular readers will know the Havering Witness was established to lobby for a full criminal investigation into long-standing allegations of local government corruption by the Conservative Party and their wider network in the police and business community.  These allegations centre on Havering College of FE and the Brooklands football stadium used by Romford FC.

Two of the innocent victims of the alleged criminal activities were Penny Garner and her writer / journalist partner John Bauldie.  Penny regularly wore a Star of David and we believe that this was used in the subsequent "investigation" of Penny Garner and John Bauldie in the criminal plan to force closure of the college. Ironically, the "investigation" into the law-abiding innocent Penny Garner is alleged to have been conducted by a senior politically motivated police officer in contact with members of the local Conservative Party and masonic lodges.  The college was considered "too close" to the wealthy Emerson Park estate.  There has never been any police investigation using our witness evidence of corruption and individual police officer collusion.

John Bauldie died in the Matthew Harding helicopter crash and Penny died a few years later after a great deal of despair and depression.

French Jews flee anti-Semitism in France by coming to England ? Do me a favour mate.

BREXIT hatred of Eastern Europeans and the quiet welcoming of French Jews

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Queen Elizabeth II and Oliver Cromwell on jewish matters ?