Friday, 16 March 2018

American Students In National Walkout Campaign Against Gun Laws

A Big Thank You To US Students For Your Moral Leadership

The Havering Witness is great fan of strong moral leadership.  We are inspired by US students in their national protest against the blocking of gun law reform by the NRA (National Rifle Association) and the politicians it has in its pocket. 

Millions of young americans walked out of their classes to show their support for the families of the victims of seemingly endless shootings in US schools and colleges.
Why are schools and colleges targetted ? What are the deeper motives ? 

The loss of so many promising lives cut short because of the availability of assault weapons is a global political disgrace - every country on this Earth is affected by the attitudes of US society.  

After every one of those sickening school and college shootings NRA supporters have opposed and obstructed changes to gun law.  Supporters of Andrew Rosindell MP, here in Romford, want to own guns and back the NRA from across the Atlantic. They think it is a laugh - it isn't. 
Supporters of Romford MP Andrew Rosindell want to own more guns

Andrew Rosindell MP (right) - in favour of more guns
Romford MP Andrew Rosindell is on record as supporting wider gun ownership and relaxing the current laws on dangerous dogs despite many cases of young children being killed or injured for life. 

Some people here in Romford think that the murder of Jo Cox MP was funny - they also think that we will forget that they did - they are very wrong. The Havering Witness has been campaigning on local justice and public safety issues for over forty years - the next forty will be easier than the first !

US Students In National Walkout Campaign

The ENOUGH message from US Students - CNN report

WALKOUT WEDNESDAY - Guardian report

Labour Families Should Protect Themselves Now !

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Royal Tory Research Tactics Employed Against Labour Families in Romford

Labour Family Safety Campaign in Romford

Labour MP Jo Cox murdered in an "act of terror"
As regular readers will know the Havering Witness, following the murder of Jo Cox MP, has launched new projects concerned with the safety and well-being of Labour Party and Trade Union supporters and their families. Victims should be assured that our core justice and public safety campaign continues.
Our justice campaign started over 40 years ago after witnessing criminal incidents connected to Havering College of Further and Higher Education and the old Romford foootball stadium Brooklands. Those responsible were protected by the police and still are today.  It is due to this protection of the criminal and the murder of a Labour MP that we have launched our Labour family safety campaign.

Part of our campaign is to look at research tactics employed by supporters of the Conservative Party and their wider political allies. Older people seem to be of particular interest presumably because they know that judgement may be impaired and that national military service contacts can be used.   
 Approaches made to members of our own families included:

·         Old national service "friends" and "acquantancies" getting in contact.  An elderly man in Romford was approached after 50 years of no communication by former national servicemen and women.  His frailty and confusion were targetted by manipulative people looking to cause harm.

·         Other old friends suddenly appearing.  In one instance an 87 year old Romford man was approached by a woman from Little Corby (Carlisle) he knew in the 1950s.  The woman tried to start a romance after 60 years of no contact in order to get control of his affairs and undermine his own family.   The woman had a relative who worked as a "police consultant" for protection. 

·         Charity workers making demands and requests.  People trust charity workers don't they ? In another example an elderly man was approached by a Kenyan Salvation Army worker living in Romford to pay for her return air fare to Kenya  after she claimed her brother had been murdered.

Labour families are entitled to protect themselves in the face of intelligence-led paramilitary actions against them. Armed groups and those with sympathies conducting research on Labour families will NOT be tolerated. We WILL defend ourselves and do so effectively whether the threat is based in the UK or abroad. We will be contacting police forces abroad with the information we gather about ex-pat activity as it arises.  

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

BREXIT DIVERSION With Piles and Piles of DEAD SPIES - So What ?

Dead spies ? So what ?
The BREXIT DIVERSION of DEAD SPIES in SALISBURY continues to fill our media - Do we like Andrew Rosindell's friends anyway? No we don't, we really don't.

The TORY BREXIT reality is that the "UK" economy outside of the financial sector will SHRINK by MUCH MORE than the 40% stated.

Manufacturing will again be hit very hard on top of the decimation it suffered in the Tory eighties under privatisation fruitcake Tories.  Those same tories now regard themselves as wise elders of our country. That's right, you read it correctly - the Thatcher privatisation fruitcakes of the 1980s now regard themselves as global economic gurus !

Please pile the dead friends of Andrew Rosindell MP a mile high - with job losses on the horizon we need a little bit of sunshine in our lives anyway !

Tories can't even run their own church  

Counter-Terror Police warn of increasing far-right terror threat 

Labour families are entitled to protect themselves 

Martial Grove (6)

 Martial Law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions of government. 

Martial Grove is a fictitious place where fictitious leaders live ...

The London Borough of Havering like the Royal UK as a whole has an insufferable snobbery based around eduction.  Tory families strutt around Havering like they represent acknowledged genius instead of the conceited pompous mediocrity they really are. The people of Havering need to be liberated from the mental prison that has been built in our community by the fake ability of grossly over-rated tory society.  Our libraries are being slowly destroyed, our schools slowly undermined by different governance structures, business is slowly encroaching on every aspect of local government, the once excellent civil service is being gradually hollowed out by tory business idiots only concerned with their earnings not our community, and the only opportunity your child will get is to wave a flag for the tory fat pigs that run it all !
Martial Grove (5)

Saturday, 10 March 2018

We Want A London MP Not James Bond !

We need a proper London MP not James Bond !
The Salisbury Russian spy incident has again prompted people in Romford to get angry about the priorities of the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell.

Mr Rosindell has clearly put foreign affairs at the top of his priorities since first being elected, he is one of the most travelled MPs in parliament attracting criticism from journalist Simon Heffer.
Andrew Rosindell MP described as the "king of subsidised jaunts"

Romford is in the London Borough of Havering and people here want an MP that is concerned with
the issues of London namely housing shortages, hospital cut-backs, care of the elderly, public transport, policing and anti-social behaviour, opportunities for young people, irresponsible and criminal business practices, business corruption inside local government, general cleanliness and public safety, quality of town planning and development, and many more we could list.

We want a London MP NOT James Bond !

Nurses protest out of REAL concern for patients
Instead we have the "king of subsidised jaunts" travelling around the world and developing his foreign affairs career generally.

When he isn't jet-setting like James Bond,  Andrew Rosindell MP will promote Essex over London at every opportunity and devotes much time to issues such as the Romford Drum and Trumpet Corp taking part in the Lord Mayors parade.

We want a constituency-focussed MP concerned with the real worries about the future that many in Romford have.
Rosindell is more concerned with impressing posh people than serving Romford

People in Romford are left wondering just who it is that is thinking about their concerns and they are rightly getting angry about it.  We want a real London MP working hard for worried constituents not somebody who regards constituency work as a distraction.


Friday, 9 March 2018

Modern Ireland, Royal Britain

Catholic Church is "empire of misogyny" - Mary McAleese
The London Borough of Havering has a strong Irish Catholic community with many catholic schools often regarded as "better than yours". 

The Irish Catholic community are invited to regard themselves as above to the rest of us by the British royal masonic establishment centred in Upminster and the Conservative Party.

Upminster has a number of masonic lodges of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex.  Catholic schools have long enjoyed a high status in the Conservative and masonic society of Upminster and blimey don't they know it !

However the Irish Catholic community of Havering, basking in their higher educational status,  seem to be increasingly out-of-step with Ireland itself.  The differences are becoming more noticeable almost on a weekly basis. 

Here's a few recent developments:
On International Women's Day former Irish president Mary McAleese describes Catholic Church as an "empire of misogyny" like a "toxic virus".

Pope Francis declined to say mass for Mary McAleese at the Voices of Faith conference in Rome which was moved outside the Vatican walls.

Catholic Ireland is to have a referendum on Abortion Law.

Modern Irish women "go abroad for abortions" says the Irish Times

Irish tories in Havering should keep a closer eye on developments in modern Ireland,  if they don't they will end up like the royal tory dinosaurs of Upminster nastily sulking that the rest of the world no longer regards them as important. 

What about TIRED OLD ROYAL BREXIT BRITAIN ? Here in the UK we are still paying for Monarchs,  Lords  and the rest of the British peerage to maintain their quality of life and their estates.  BREXIT has strengthened backward-looking royal power and denied opportunity to our young people - how much longer will the mistreated British population put up with this ?

Catholic church "toxic virus of misogyny" - RTE report

Former President Of Ireland Mary McAleese calls the Catholic Church "an empire of misogyny"

Rallies take place in Dublin as Ireland Abortion Referendum takes a step closer

The Irish Times - Irish Women "go abroad for abortions" 

"Ireland First" says Tusk

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Tories Offend Billions With "God's Own County"

Are Church Tories really "decent people" ?
"God's Own County" - An  phrase that has insulted billions of religious people across the globe. 

Many people around the world are in desperate circumstances due to war, the breakdown of law and order or climate change. 

It is yet another reminder of the offensive arrogance of the Conservative Party and how that fact contributes to the conduct of justice generally. 

Tories all over the UK are acutely aware of how difficult it is for ordinary people to get basic access to the courts let alone win their cases ! 
Are "religious" tories really the "decent" people they claim to be ?

We have witnessed local tories in Havering laughing and rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of "plenty of defenseless mugs" struggling to get access to the law.  The tory supporters who say such things mix with tories who attend church with no apparent conflict. 
The Conservative Party have insulted billions of rellgious people across the globe.   

What aspect of Conservative Party arrogance were we exposed to this time ? This time it was a Yorkshire conservative who repeated a phrase about God that has caused deep offence here in the UK and across the globe for decades.  He said that God regarded Yorkshire as above all other places on this earth including ALL the Holy places with one phrase
"Yorkshire is God's Own County". 

Princess Anne also Past Master of  The Worshipful Woolmen
 Yorkshire conservatives who repeat this phrase have not been subject to central Conservative Party discipline. God has put Yorkshire above all else ?  Is it possible to be more insulting ? This latest insult adds to that of another Yorkshire conservative who failed to exert her civic responsibility by NOT publicy condemning the use of armed extremism in the parliamentary constituency of Batley and Spen she used to represent 

"Yorkshire Lass" Elizabeth Peacock did not condemn the murder of an MP

Elizabeth Peacock is the former Conservative MP for Batley and Spen,  and has followed Princess Anne in being a past master of the Worshipful Company of Woolman was also a prominent anti-abortion campaigner.  Despite her anti-abortion "sanctity of human life" image Elizabeth Peacock did NOT publicly condemn the murder of Jo Cox MP, a mother of two young children, who also represented the people of Batley and Spen.  

Brave Jo Cox MP - murdered in Batley and Spen
Elizabeth Peacock should declare herself to be in favour of parliamentary democracy or in favour of armed attacks on democratically elected MPs - which is it to be ?

We think that it is the civic and in this case, apparently christian, duty of a former MP of the same constituency to make it clear that parliamentary democracy must not be undermined by armed extremism of any kind.

The protection of parliamentary democracy is of such fundamental importance in the laws of this country that Elizabeth Peacock's failure to condemn the murder of an MP should not be ignored by the police or the public. 
Conservative Party behaviour has caused deep offence around the world    

The deep offence caused by the behaviour described above will be conveyed to religious authorities around the world over the years ahead.  The judgement of unified global religious authority may be very very difficult and very slow to materialise but we are confident that the public statement  "Yorkshire is God's own county" is so deeply offensive to billions of religious people that agreement on action is inevitable.  

Many of those people are also disgusted by the murder of Jo Cox MP and the subsequent behaviour of Tory "Christians".